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Aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

ZAOLI - Professor of Plastic Surgery, - Clinica Otorinolaringologica, University of Perugia, Italy

228,68 €

  • publish date 1994
  • ISBN 978-88-299-1095-3
  • Code Piccin 2602312
  • Pages 600

The publication of Aesthetic Rhinoplasty was certainly the result of much thought, the Author having decided to write it after so many years in practice as a plastic surgeon. It is by a combination of his brilliant career as surgeon of the head and neck and as plastic surgeon that he has acquired special skills in aesthetic surgery of the nose, to which he has dedicated much of his scientific interest. The latter has given rise to this well researched work, which provides technical solutions capable of resolving the problems which affect those surgeons who attempt to modify the shape of the nose so as to harmonise it with the rest of the face. But the main merit of this work is to have united Latin clarity and expertise with Anglosaxon tenacity regarding detail and analysis. Thanks to its excellent illustrations, this book can serve as a guide to those surgeons wishing to practice rhinoplasty and as a reference work to those who are skilled from long years of experience.

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