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Gallucci - Faggian - Livi - Mazzucco - University of Padua, Italy

50,00 €

  • publish date 1991
  • ISBN 978-88-299-0983-4
  • Code Piccin
  • Pages 166

As the results of the dedicated efforts of clinicians, physiologists, and basic scientists, the science and practice of lung transplantation has evolved to its current level of sophistication. The recent rapid increase in the clinical application of lung transplant bears witness to the present degree of scientific and popular approval for the procedure. This book updates the art of lung and heart-lung transplantation. Written by an international group of experts, this collection is based on a symposium originally perceived and organized by Professor Vincenzo Gallucci and his group in Padova, Italy. The information is comprehensive, clearly presented and generously illustrated making it a delight to read. A valuable resource to workers in the field, practitioners and medical students, LUNG AND HEART - LUNG TRANSPLANTATION provides a worldwide review of recent advancements. As lung transplantation evolves, developments such as the routine restoration of the blood supply to the bronchial arteries may well become commonplace, and the sequel to this book could describe that procedure and others that have not yet come to the fore.

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