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Dysmorphic syndromes and constitutional diseases of the skeleton

Canepa - Maroteaux - Pietrogrande

304,90 €

  • ISBN 978-88-299-1502-6
  • Code Piccin 0301971/2
  • Pages 2180

Dysmorphic Syndromes and Constitutional Diseases of the Skeleton is a large diagnostic atlas, which includes 400 dysplastic and dysmorphic syndromes in which the skeletal apparatus may be constantly or frequently involved.

The initial chapter gives a critical account of the problems concerning the classification of the constitutional diseases of the skeleton. It is followed by the description, in alphabetical order, of the various diseases and syndromes. After definition, synonims are listed, aetio-pathogenesis, risk of recurrence, incidence, sex incidence, age when diagnosis can be made, Clinical and radiological pictures are subdivided according to organs and systems involved, distinguishing the common from the less frequent signs. The same occurs for laboratory investigations. Anatomical and histological descriptions follow, then prognosis and discussion of the diagnosis (specific, differential, prenatal, carriers) and finally therapeutic indications and a comprehensive bibliography.

The iconographic documentation is mainly original and very ful, as this is principally a diagnostic atlas, including 1154 composite illustrations for a total of 3997 pictures (clinical, radiological and anatomo-pathological) dealing with various patients at different age periods.

The atlas is accompanied by a COMPUTER PROGRAM which affords reference to diaseases, signs and establishment of a diagnosis. The dictionary of the program includes 2299 entries (1261 clinical, 814 radiological, 224 laboratory) and a total of 17180 signs (11244 clinical, 5431 radiological, 512 laboratory).

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