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    Acupuncture Western Medicine Fascial Manipulation ®

    Luigi Stecco with the contribution of Carla Stecco and Antonio Stecco

    58,00 €

    • Brossura

      58,00 €

    • E-book

      55,77 € IVA incl.

    • publish date maggio 2020
    • ISBN 978-88-299-3041-8
    • Code Piccin 1931505
    • Pages 384
    • Binding Brossura
    • Accesso contenuti 3 anni dall'acquisto

    English translation by
    Julie Ann Day


    Fascial Manipulation is a valid therapeutic method. Its efficacy has been demonstrated through clinical experience, as reported in this book, and by numerous scientific articles indexed in PubMed. Using a scientific logic, according to the criteria of modern medicine, the explanation of the aforementioned clinical efficacy may reside in the rich innervation of the muscular fascia that, when appropriately stimulated, can excite multiple areas of the Central Nervous System via reflex pathways. This could also explain the positive actions on internal organs and viscera that have been observed. Nevertheless, the foundations of Chinese medicine supply an ulterior fascinating explanation.

    This book presents both meridians and acupuncture points, along with their relative actions and indications, in a precise manner. Therefore, it is a complete work that will be useful for anyone who is dedicated to fascial massage, but also to the clinical practice of physiotherapy.

    The Authors, Luigi Stecco and his collaborators, deserve congratulations for the practical way in which these concepts are described and for the valid theoretical layout of this book.


    Giorgio Di Concetto

    Founder of the Italian School of Chinese Medicine

    “This long-awaited book, from a true master within the field, provides a truly historic contribution for the international field of pain medicine. Many other attempts have been published before, on using Western medicine explanation for the location of acupuncture points on the human body. However, the new fascia-oriented proposition provided by Luigi Stecco, is by far the most congruent and convincing one, and also leads to very detailed clinical applications.” Prof. Dr. Robert Schleip

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